Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Launch Edition Of All-Electric Lucid Air Will Cost ~$165,000

The launch edition of the all-electric Lucid Air luxury sedan will cost around $165,000, according to recent reports — quite a premium over the expected ~$100,000 cost of a standard edition of the model.
As a reminder, there will apparently be only 255 of these Launch Edition Lucid Airs manufactured, so probably a good part of what you’re paying for is simply exclusivity.
Other than exclusivity, what will Launch Edition buyers be getting for the ~$65,000 difference? “Distinguishing features” and a well optioned template, apparently. It’s not too clear what that means, but I would guess more luxury and high-tech elements and features.
Launch Edition buyers will of course also be the first to get their cars, sometime in 2019 reportedly, whereas buyers of the regular edition will have to wait a bit longer. In addition to the overall price difference, though, this also comes at the expense of a much higher deposit ($25,500 as compared to $2,500). Somehow, I doubt that those numbers mean much to the sorts of people who spend $150,000 on a car, though.
As a couple of quick endnotes here (for those who missed our earlier coverage): Lucid Motors is now working to build a $700 million manufacturing plant in Arizona, one that is expected to begin production in 2018, and the company has established a supply partnership with Samsung SDIrelating to battery components.

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