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Pricing announced for January debut of Accord Plug-In with class-leading MPGe, Accord Hybrid due next summer; Auto show debuts for 2013 Crosstour and CR-Z


The 2013 Honda Civic debuted today at the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show sporting extensive interior and exterior design upgrades, enhanced dynamics, and a host of new standard features. Honda also announced that the 2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid earned a class-leading EPA-certified 115 MPGe rating and will go on sale in New York and California on January 15 with an MSRP of $39,7801. Separately, the Accord Hybrid, featuring Honda's new two-motor hybrid system, will launch nationwide next summer with anticipated class-leading2 fuel economy of 49/45/47 city/hwy/combined. The thoroughly revised 2013 Honda Crosstour and 2013 Honda CR-Z also made their auto-show debuts.
"Our industry has never been more competitive or fast changing, and a significant refresh of Civic, America's best-selling compact car, just one model year after its debut as an all-new model shows true speed to market," said John Mendel, American Honda executive vice president of Sales. "Our corporate direction is to provide our customers with great products with speed, affordability and low CO2 emissions. There is no better example of this direction than today's introduction of the 2013 Honda Civic."

The 2013 Honda Civic Sedan, the nation's best-selling compact car which celebrates its 40th anniversary in America next year, goes on sale today with extensive changes to further reinforce its market leadership. While still maintaining all the efficiency and value that has made the Civic an automotive icon, the 2013 Honda Civic Sedan receives all-new front and rear exterior styling, while all Civics sport extensive interior upgrades including more luxurious finishes, and a host of new standard equipment.

Retuned steering and suspension sharpen the Civic's handling, extensive chassis upgrades including Honda's ACE™ II body structure improve safety, ride comfort and interior quietness, and every Civic model has more popular standard features including Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, rearview camera, Pandora® Interface, SMS text message feature, and steering wheel audio controls. The 2013 Civic arrives with even greater value for money, adding highly desired feature with an MSRP increase of only $160 across the lineup. Pricing for the exceptionally well-equipped 2013 Civic LX Sedan begins at $18,1651.

2014 Honda Accord Plug-In and Accord Hybrid
Honda announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show today that the 2014 Accord Plug-In Hybrid will be available for retail sale and lease beginning January 15 in California and New York, with an MSRP of $39,780.1 The 2014 Accord Plug-In has earned the highest EPA MPGe rating3 in its class (115 MPGe), surpassing plug-in-class competitors including the Ford C-Max Energi (100 MPGe), Chevy Volt (98 MPGe), and Prius Plug-in (95 MPGe). The 2014 Accord Plug-in has been rated by the EPA with a maximum all-electric EV mode range of 13 miles, and a fuel-economy rating of 47/46/46 mpg (city/hwy/combined). The Accord Plug-in is the first production car in America to meet the more stringent new LEV3/SULEV20 emissions standard, and it will also qualify for single-occupant carpool-lane access in California.

The two-motor Accord Hybrid will launch nationwide next summer, with anticipated class-leading2 fuel economy ratings of 49/45/47 mpg (city/hwy/combined). Unlike the unique styling of the Accord Plug-In, the Accord Hybrid will share styling much closer the conventional Accord Sedan. More details on the Accord Hybrid will be released closer to launch.

2013 Honda Crosstour and CR-Z
The thoroughly revised 2013 Honda Crosstour and 2013 Honda CR-Z made their auto show debuts today, both vehicles having gone on sale the previous week. The 2013 Honda Crosstour arrives with extensive updates to both four-cylinder and V-6 models, and a starting MSRP $525 lower than in 2012. The 2013 Crosstour offers more purposeful exterior styling, significant upgrades to the interior design and materials, and a more powerful, more fuel-efficient available Earth Dreams™ V-6 engine coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission with paddle-shift control. The 2013 Crosstour is one of the first Honda models available with the new keyless Smart Entry with Push Button start and Honda's new LaneWatch™ blind-spot display. Other standard visibility-enhancing features include a rearview camera and new re-shaped rear headrests.

The 2013 Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid Coupe arrives with more power and better fuel efficiency thanks to an all-new Lithium-Ion battery pack, and a new Plus Sport System™ allows improved passing performance via additional on-demand electric boost, activated by a steering wheel-mounted "S+" button. Styling upgrades include revised interior trim, a new front fascia and a new aerodynamically functional rear diffuser. The CR-Z's standard equipment list – which already includes automatic climate control, power windows and door locks, remote entry and cruise control – adds Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink®, rearview camera and an Expanded View Driver's Mirror for 2013.

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LA Auto Show: Toyota RAV4, V6 Engines, And EVs

Toyota Rav4 EV Photo courtesy of Toyota

I managed to catch Toyota’s Environmental Communications Manager, Jana Hartline, while her Rav4 EV was out being tested, and we had a lovely chat about Toyota’s plans for the future. As the full range vehicle manufacturer with the highest fleet MPG, they know a thing or two about building efficient vehicles.
Here’s the full interview, straight from the show floor.

There were a few things not in the video interview that I thought also bore mentioning. For example, Toyota knows how to pick their partners, as their partnership with Tesla has resulted in the exceptional Rav4 EV. I also asked Jana why the V6 motor being discontinued for the new Rav4.

We had an interesting discussion about this off camera, as my photographer had driven us to the show in her brand new 4 cylinder Mazda SUV. It appears across the industry there’s a move toward putting smaller motors into the small SUV’s like the Rav4. Kat explained she’d bought hers because she needed the storage space of an SUV, liked the height, but wanted better MPG. Apparently, she’s not alone, and had many 4-cylinder SUV’s to choose from. So Toyota’s discontinuation of the V6 RAV4 was right in line with the rest of the industry.
Check out my whole interview for more discussion on Toyota’s sustainable future.

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More News From LA Auto Show Concerning Fiat 500E

Fiat 500e, so cute you just want to pinch her cheeks. Photo courtesy Katherine Tessier
Once again bringing overpowering sex appeal to the LA Auto Show as only Italians can, Fiat delivered some very steamy videos to promote their latest offerings. The 500c Cabriolet video was especially thrilling and tastefully done. The 500E video was charming, but between the woman being in the passenger seat, and the overdose of analogies to Viagra by the announcer, it could’ve been better. Yes, you want to make a sexy electric car. We get that. But Tesla and Fisker have already been doing so for years now.

On the other hand, the Fiat 500E is a sexy affordable electric car (granted, pricing hasn’t been announced yet). If you ask me, the 500E  is cute, well dressed, and rides like a real champ, but I’d hardly call any Fiat 500 “sexy”. Even having had the most fun I’ve had on 4 wheels in the one I rented in England.

Sure, I’d take her for a romp again, but I wouldn’t necessarily be showing her off to all my friends. She’s that nice, practical girl next door with a lot of baggage from her tortured past (Fix It Again, Tony!) who’s desperate to be sexy. Although they do an excellent job in marketing, with taglines such as “Stop Global Warming, Start Global Hotness!” and it is a great little car, there are far sexier Italian cars on the market. Read all about the 500e here.

THIS Fiat, on the other hand, is truly sexy.

1967 Fiat Dino Spider photo courtesy of

All that said, I’m glad to see Fiat going electric with the 500. The 500 is a fun car, and it is already very popular in Europe, and gaining popularity here in America. However, like the Smart and the Mini, the MPG is lower than it should be for such a small car. The Fiat 500 and the Mini both average 31mpg, while the Smart gets 36MPG.
Although this is great compared to that 1985 pickup truck you’ve traded it in for, it’s just about average these days. According to the US DOE, there are 143 gasoline-powered vehicles on the market today in the US which get over 30MPG, so the Fiat has lots of competition in that arena.

However, the field of electric vehicles is much narrower. Enter the Fiat 500E, which gets a whopping 116 MPGe out of an 83kW electric motor with 147 ft lbs of torque. The Fiat 500E is reportedly capable of an estimated range over 80 miles from the 24 KwH battery pack. Expect the 500e at your local (ahem, if you’re Californian) Fiat dealer in Spring 2013. Check Fiat’s YouTube page for the videos we were shown today, they should be up eventually.

Other neat features on the 500e include:
  • 13% more aerodynamic than other 500′s
  • Fiat 500e Smartphone App (compatible with iPhone and Android) that enables real-time vehicle status, manages charging, tracks the driver’s energy use, locates the vehicle and nearby charging stations, plans and sends routes to the vehicle and provides text-message alerts.
  • TomTom Navigation unit shows the vehicle’s charge schedule, range, and power-flow gauges, and can even request nearby charging stations with real-time availability.
It is also worth mentioning that Fiat debuted a four-door 500L and a cabriolet version of the Fiat 500 Abarth. But you’re here for the EV, am I right?

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ford Fusion wins 2013 Green Car Of The Year

After three years that saw a diesel, a plug-in and a natural gas vehicle win Green Car Journal's Green Car of the Year award, the Ford Fusion won the title this year at the start of the second day of the LA Auto Show. The Fusion was nominated in part because it has a variety of powertrain options: hybrid, plug-in hybrid and an EcoBoost gas engine.

The other 2013 finalists included the Dodge Dart Aero, Ford C-MaxMazda CX-5 Skyactiv and Toyota Prius C. For what it's worth, the C-Max won the informal Autoblog/AutoblogGreen poll for 2013 with 31.5 percent of the vote. The official votes were tallied by a panel of judges of "the nation's top environmental leaders," car freaks like Jay Leno and the GCJ staff. GCJ's Ron Cogan said the winner was chose by majority vote.

Cogan also said that the award (and his magazine) have never been about vehicles that eke out mileage gains by stripping away the joy of driving. The method by which the five finalists are chosen is somewhat shrouded in mystery, but the Tesla Model S was left off the list due to its high price and the current unavailability of the base model. He said:
The Tesla Model S offers everything, by all reports. What it doesn't offer are things that are crucial to the Green Car Of The Year program, which are different than Motor Trend's Car of the Year or Yahoo Autos. We deal specifically in cars you can buy and buy now and vehicles that are affordable enough that you can buy them. We deal in vehicles that are available in significant enough numbers so you actually have quantifiable emissions reductions and oil displacement. It doesn't have to be a mass produced car in the sense that it's one of the best-selling cars, but it does have to be available. And, right now, the Tesla Model S, as good as it is, is the Signature Series at $95,000 to $105,000. That's not accessible. And the base model is not being delivered.
Last year, the Green Car of the Year winner was the Honda Civic Natural Gas. Previous winners include theChevrolet Volt (2011), the Audi A3 TDI (2010), the Volkswagen Jetta TDI (2009) and the Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid (2008).

Source: Autoblog Green

Audi to introduce four new TDI® clean diesel models to the U.S. Market at the L.A. Auto Show


The Audi A8 TDI clean diesel achieves manufacturer estimated fuel efficiency of 24 city/ 36 highway

New 3.0 liter V6 TDI clean diesel models will include the Audi A8, A7, A6, Q5 and an updated Q7 TDI

Audi to use #FuelForThought at the LA Auto Show to create a social media experience at the display and online

Audi of America announces the arrival of the new TDI® clean diesel models for the Audi A8, A7, A6 and Q5 to debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The addition of these four models marks the first time Audi will feature a full lineup of TDI clean diesel vehicles in the U.S. as they join the updated Q7 model. Each TDI vehicle delivers up to 30% better fuel economy and 30% lower carbon dioxide emissions than gasoline engines*, resulting in longer range and fewer trips to the fuel pump. By having more density than gasoline, diesel packs more energy content in the same amount of fuel, which helps maximize the miles per gallon when that energy is released during a more powerful combustion cycle.

The TDI clean diesel engine lineup adds to Audi's list of advanced technologies that help enhance fuel efficiency, including Audi ultra® lightweight technology, such as the use of aluminum, and the AFS® frame technology.

"Owners of Audi TDI engines have helped save over 4 million gallons of gasoline, or the equivalent of more than 240,000 barrels of foreign oil, since the introduction of Audi TDI to the U.S. in 2009**," said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. " And, TDI technology delivers better fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance."

In order to fuel the conversation surrounding the benefits of TDI technology in the U.S., Audi will use the hashtag, #FuelForThought and invite fans to join the conversation through a social experience at the display and online.

Audi A8 TDI
The flagship of the Audi brand, the A8 TDI, makes a powerful statement in achieving a manufacturer estimated fuel efficiency of 24 MPG in the city and 36 MPG on the highway*. The A8 TDI clean diesel executive sedan embodies superior design and progressive advancements which sets new standards for luxury sedans in terms of uncompromising efficiency and performance. The new 2014 A8 sedans dramatically expand the flagship's engine offerings by moving from two variants (4.2 liter V8 and W12) to six, including: the entry level A8 3.0T V6; the 420 horsepower A8 4.0T V8; the new Audi S8 4.0T V8; the A8 6.0 liter W12; and the new A8 3.0 TDI V6. The new 3.0 liter TDI clean diesel engine generates an astonishing 240 horsepower with 406 lb.-ft. of torque and seamlessly goes 0-60 in 6.4 seconds.

Audi A7 TDI
The Audi A7 TDI clean diesel is the pinnacle of design and is now more fuel efficient than ever. Without compromising design or performance, every detail of the A7 TDI delivers a striking visual statement. The A7 was the first car in the world to feature available factory-installed Wi-Fi (for up to 8 passenger devices) with Audi connect™ and MMI® navigation plus with 3D Google Earth™ maps. From the groundbreaking available MMI touchpad and its gracefully integrated display screen, to the state-of-the-art head up display, the Audi A7 TDI is the perfect marriage of progressive design, efficiency and versatile space.

Audi A6 TDI
One of Audi's most innovative and technologically advanced models to date, the A6 TDI performance sedan sacrifices virtually nothing in performance, comfort or design. As with the successful A6 TFSI® gas engines, the A6 TDI clean diesel engine can make up to 2,000 decisions per second. Available driver assistance systems include night vision assistant, head-up display and Audi pre sense plus that helps detect imminent collisions and initiates protective measures when needed. Other available intelligent features include head-up display and a MMI Touch pad that recognizes handwriting, along with available Audi connect – the first factory-installed wireless internet connection that enables Google Earth maps, Google Local Search, and a WiFi hotspot for up to eight passenger devices.

Audi Q5 TDI
The Audi Q5 has proven itself an absolute success as one of the best-selling models in the Audi lineup. For the 2014 model year, the Q5 will receive the new TDI engine which will allow for better fuel economy along with increased torque. The Audi Q5 TDI combines the driving appeal of a sedan with high versatility of its interior space and many practical solutions for recreation and everyday driving. Audi has further sharpened the profile of its performance SUV in its design, technological advancements, driver assistance systems and fuel efficiencies. The new TDI clean diesel engine marks the fourth engine variant for the Audi Q5 model lineup, adding to the current four-cylinder 2.0T, the 3.0T V6, and the Q5 hybrid.

Audi Q7 TDI
The Audi Q7 continues to establish the standard in progressive design, sophisticated technology and fuel efficiency in premium sport utility vehicles. The benefits of TDI clean diesel technology are further enhanced through the revised V6 TDI engine that offers a 10 percent efficiency improvement compared to gasoline engines. The revised TDI clean diesel engine has an increased output of 240 horsepower and 406 lb-ft of torque that helps improve performance and offers impressive fuel economy with an EPA estimated 19 city/ 28 highway miles per gallon*. The incredibly efficient TDI clean diesel engine enables the Q7 TDI to achieve a range in excess of 700 miles per tank***.

2014 MY Availability
A8 TDI Spring 2013
A7 TDI Fall 2013
A6 TDI Fall 2013
Q5 TDI Fall 2013

Pricing for all 2014 MY vehicles to be announced at a later date

2013 MY Availability Starting MSRP
Q7 TDI Since September 2012 $52,000

* EPA estimates. Mileage will vary.
** Based on total A3 TDI and Q7 TDI vehicles sold, average nationwide gasoline fuel prices, and EPA estimated annual average miles driven.
*** Range based on 28-mpg highway EPA estimates and a 26.4-gallon fuel-tank. Mileage will vary.

Where stated, fuel economy values (mpg) are EPA estimates. All other fuel economy values are forecast manufacturer values for the USA; those EPA estimates were not available at time of release. Audi Connect and SiriusXM Traffic services may require additional subscriptions. MSRPs exclude taxes, title, transportation, options and dealer charges.

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV: LA Auto Show Live Photos

We've previewed it, we've driven the prototype, and now we can bring you live photos of the 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV.

Chevy has turned its smallest offering into an electriccar, and while there was some initial debate over whether it was a compliance car, the finished product appears anything but.

At a glance it looks much like any other Spark, but the devil is in the details. Chevrolet has improved the car's aerodynamics, adding over two miles to the EV's range, compared to a standard Spark body. Easiest to spot is the new, Volt-like covered grille, but other subtle changes also help it slip through the air.

Inside, the Spark EV is much like the regular, gasoline-powered car, but two new TFT displays replace the Spark's standard instruments, providing data on the car and access to the EV's wealth of infotainment systems. Chevy is confident it will offer one of the longest ranges in its class, and an optional SAE Combo DC Fast Charger could be an attractive option.

Priced from $32,500 pre-incentives it isn't the cheapest electric car on the market, but Chevy is proud of its baby--now it just needs people to buy them.

Source: Green Car Reports

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

LA Auto Show: Hyundai Talks About The Veloster C3 And The Future Of Alt-Fuels

Hyundai Veloster C3 photo courtesy of Katherine Tessier
I sat down with Hyundai’s Frank Ahrens to talk about the new Hyundai Veloster C3 (short for Convertible 3 door) Concept and their take on the future of sustainable transportation (hint, it’s wet). Designed in Southern California, with an aim at capturing more of the elusive Gen Y market that continues to elude the grasp of the world’s automakers.

The new Veloster C3 concept was built to haul fun toys while having fun driving. However, I think the use of a fixie wasn’t nearly as ideal as say a surfboard or racing bicycle. A fixie replaces a car, gets you around town conveniently and quickly, so why would you haul it? However, it’s also a handy way to get where you’re going in a city where the nearest parking space may be a bit of a hike from your destination.

Hyundai Veloster C3 photo courtesy of Katherine Tessier

  • Based on the Veloster’s three-door coupe design
  • Dual-function convertible roof that rolls backwards and forwards
  • Tailgate replaces hatchback for added utility
  • Custom fixed-gear bicycle-inspired design
  • Repurposed skateboards line cargo floor
  • Repurposed industrial truck tarps create convertible soft top
A 1.6-liter turbocharged GDI four-cylinder engine powers the Veloster C3 concept and  produces 201 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 195 lb-ft of torque from 1,750 – 4,500 rpm with regular fuel. Hyundai’s 1.6-liter Gamma turbocharged engine features a twin-scroll turbocharger that when combined with the GDI system, results in instantaneous power delivery. 
The Veloster averages 38mpg in the city, which is rapidly becoming a perfectly average rating, thanks to a little nudge from the government.

If It Ain’t Fixed, It’s Broken

Inspired by LA’s massive fixie culture (with aficionados so passionate that’s a common sentiment), the Veloster C3 is highly customizable. Note the mismatched wheel caps, mimicking the popular trend of mismatched bicycle wheels. However, like a brakeless fixie, there are some severe limitations to the C3′s practicality.
Driving around with the entire back open like this is nice if you’re not carrying much in the back that could blow away. They tout the car’s ability to get you from the beach to downtown LA, but as a DTLA resident, I’d want a much safer place than the back of a car to park my bicycle. But, that’s why it’s a concept- to test the market. In 2007 they launched the first Veloster concept at Tokyo Auto Show, and it became so popular they simply had to produce it.

Hyundai used old skateboards to tile the rear of the C3 Concept, for a durable and colorful eco surface, but didn’t have much else to say about eco materials used in the car. I suspect if they really want to get people off their fixies and into cars, they’re going to have to go full electric, or at least hybrid, as one of the biggest perks of cycling in the city is not having to buy gas.

Photo Courtesy of Hyundai

What Is The Ultimate Engine?

Frank Ahrens tells me this is a question he’s often asked. His reply is “A- we don’t know, B- it’s not just one.” Hyundai is continually focusing on developing lighter, more efficient gas engine, like the 1-liter turbo-diesel which appeals to the EU market, which taxes CO2 emissions.
On the other hand, the US is all about MPG, and continues to make it hard to import diesel engines. Diesel engines today are much cleaner, and Hyundai wants to sell diesel in the US. Hyundai hasn’t brought a plug-in EV to market, “…but we are testing one.” Hyundai has also been selling the Sonata hybrid for two-years. Hyundai says that in the next couple years a plug-in hybrid will come into play.”
However, what Hyundai is most excited about is hydrogen fuel cell.  Daimler and Hyundai are considered the leaders in this technology, and in Europe they have the IX35 (Tuscon in the US) fuel-cell with a 600km (372 mile) range. Hyundai will be leasing 15 IX35′s to the city of Copenhagen, as they say that Northwestern Europe’s infrastructure is promising and the EU has provided funding & planning for hydrogen.
Hyundai plans to make 1,000 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles over the next few years for fleets. Then by 2015 they hope the cells will be affordable for the consumer market. The average target price among all manufacturers is $50,000 and will likely be limited in the US to California, where the infrastructure is strongest. Hyundai says they prefer hydrogen fuel cell over pure-electric vehicles because the wheel to wheel emissions is lower.
So there you have it; Hyundai is aiming for Gen Y with the Veloster C3, that much is obvious. More importantly though, they’re hoping to bring plug-in hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, 1,000 of them in fact, by 2015. Hyundai has placed their bets. But will Gen Y bite?

Source: Gas2.0

2013 Fiat 500e finally ready to rock down to Electric Orange Avenue

For a car that Fiat didn't want to build, the company sure has a lot to say about it. The damn near mythicalFiat 500e is finally here, and a trip utilizing its 100-mile range would probably give you just enough time to finish reading the press releases that came with it.

Among the highlights are the color, Electrico Arancione – Electric Orange to the Anglophones among you – with contrasting white lower fascia, available only with the Bianca Perla (white) interior treatment. There are three exterior treatments, Nero (black), Bianca Perla and the eSport Package, that decide the color of the exterior accents (like the front fascia and mirrors) on the car's five available hues of Argento (silver), Grigio (gray), Bianca Perla and Nero, and that aforementioned Electric Orange that can only be had with Bianca Perla. The e-Sport Package gets the Nero interior and blacks-out the hatch in Nero trim work, black wheels and a "gradient-style" graphic along the door for "a high-voltage look."

The leatherette interior comes in two colors, either Nero or Steam, and gets Electric Orange accents. Electric-car touches include the seven-inch TFT screen in the dash that provides basic driving information as well as the status of the battery, range and general vehicle info.

The bodywork has been resculpted for less drag, the result being a 13-percent improvement in aerodynamics and a decrease in coefficient of drag from .36 to .31. It's been done through tweaks like the perforated (Fiat calls it "dot matrix") front fascia and side sills, resculpted mirror caps and rear spoiler, bellypans under the car and 15-inch wheels with flush faces.

That's to make easier work for the 111-horsepower electric-drive motor with 147 pound-feet of torque and its 24 kWh, all so that it can provide the estimated range of "more than 80 miles" on the 15-inch Firehawk GT low-rolling resistance tires. Fiat says that city driving "typically" yields "greater than 100 miles." The rating is an "estimated 116 miles per gallon" and charging time on a 240-volt outlet is less than four hours. An iPhone and Android smartphone app keeps owners remotely notified of electric-car tidbits, and the TomTom navigation system can provide EV-friendly routes.

Settle in and check out absolutely all the details in the encyclopedic press release below, take a gander at it in the high-res gallery above, and stay tuned for our impression from the LA Auto Show floor.

Source: Autoblog Green

Buy A Toyota Prius Plug-In, Get Up To $5,000 In Cash Incentives

Toyota is offering up to $5,000 in bonus financing cash for buyers of the 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid.
Until December 3, buyers can get $5,000 bonus financing cash on the Plug-In Prius Advanced model (offer #1239), and $4,000 on the regular Plug-In Prius (#1235).

The deals also include 0% APR over 60 months, and eligible buyers can still claim up to $2,500 in federal tax credits. Interested parties can find the offers on the website.

The 2013 Toyota Prius Plug-In achieves 95 MPGe in electric mode, with a combined 50 MPG as a hybrid, matching that of the regular model.

Blended electric range is 11 miles, while buyers can expect six miles of all-electric range. You can find out more on the Prius Plug-In's slightly confusing EPA economy sticker here.

Source: Green Car Reports

BMW i3 Coupe Concept Unveiled Ahead Of LA Auto Show

Though BMW has yet to officially begin selling its i-brand of electric vehicles, the German automaker isn’t done teasing consumers with cool EV concepts. Behold the latest pure electric vehicle, the BMW i3 Coupe Concept. The i3 Coupe Concept will make its official debut later this week at the L.A. Auto Show.

Turns out the rumors were true, and the BMW i brand is getting another addition. Details are few and far between, but this is what BMW is talking about so far. The BMW i3 Coupe Concept is based on the BMW i3, BMW’s first foray into an electric city car.

Like the standard i3, the i3 coupe sends power to the rear wheels via a one-speed transmission. With maximum output of 170 horsepower and 184 ft-lbs of torque, the BMW i3 Coupe Concept should prove a peppy, if not exactly fast ride. Some say that BMW’s foray into front-wheel drive is foolhardy, and if you ask me the i3 Coupe Concept is better served with rear-wheel drive.

BMW also went ahead and gave the i3 Coupe Concept a lower, more aggressive look to differentiate it from its four-door cousin. Add to that a warm orange paint job and sustainable sourced interior materials like leather, wood, and wool. There has also been talk of an optional range-extender to give the pure EV more versatility as an everyday driver. When BMW does start selling its i-brand EVs, it will try its hand at selling them online at a lower price.

Source: BMW

bmw-i3-coupe-concept-1 bmw-i3-coupe-concept-2 bmw-i3-coupe-concept-4 bmw-i3-coupe-concept-8 bmw-i3-coupe-concept-9 bmw-i3-coupe-concept-11