Friday, June 15, 2018

GM, Honda Partner to Develop Next-Gen Batteries

General Motors and Honda have announced a partnership to develop new battery components for electrified vehicles.
The two automakers already have a proven relationship when it comes to electrification, having established the industry’s first manufacturing joint venture for an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system set to arrive around 2020. Now, GM and Honda will work together on new advanced chemistry battery components, including the cell and module, in hopes of accelerating both companies’ plans for all-electric vehicles.
In a statement released by both companies, the joint venture promises to deliver a next-generation battery that features higher energy density, smaller packaging, and faster charging capabilities for future products, mainly for the North American market.
The companies will collaborate based on GM’s next-generation battery system, with the intent for Honda to source the battery modules from GM. The goal is to combine scale and global manufacturing efficiencies from both companies to provide greater value for consumers.
“This new, multi-year agreement with Honda further demonstrates General Motors’ capability to innovate toward a profitable electric portfolio,” said Mark Reuss, General Motors executive vice president of Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain. “GM’s decades of electrification experience and strategic EV investments, alongside Honda’s commitment to advancing mobility, will result in better solutions for our customers and progress on our zero emissions vision.”

Kia Niro EV Will Get 236 Miles of Range

This time, the Korean automaker unveiled two new battery options, a U.S.-exclusive 64-kWh battery for a 236-mile range and a 39.2-kWh battery pack with a 150-mile range for other markets. These numbers translate to a 7.8-second zero-to-62-mph time and up to an 80 percent charge in under an hour using a 100kW fast charger.
Last January, Kia also present the EV in concept form as the Las Vegas Consumer ElectronicsShow without providing power numbers. As has been customary with Kia, different presentations have unveiled new specs, with CES showcasing its concept and the following International Electric Vehicle Expo in Jeju, Korea, showcasing its production version.
On the driver assistance side, the Niro EV will feature Level 2 autonomy, which is defined as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as having one driver assistance feature which can allow for “both steering and acceleration/ deceleration using information about the driving environment”. This translates to adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking, and lane-keeping assist, where the driver is expected to assume control of the wheel.
Look for the Niro EV to debut in Europe at the Paris Motor Show in October before going on sale in Korea before the end of the year, followed by expansion to other markets.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Elon Musk: Tesla Motorcycle Will Never Happen

It’s a little known fact, but Elon Musk was nearly killed on a motorcycle when he was 17. It’s that accident all those years ago that, he says, is behind his answer to a journalist’s questions about an electric motorcycle. That answer being: Tesla will never develop an electric motorcycle.
Musk confessed that he had been an avid motorcycle rider in his childhood, and that he had been riding dirt bikes for nearly eight years when an unpleasant encounter with a truck almost cost him his life. Since then, this article on the Spanish site, MotorpasiĆ³n claims, he hasn’t ridden a motorcycle.
So– yeah. We already knew the Tesla Model M concept motorcycle shown, above, wouldn’t happen, but stuff like this is just depressing. Especially since, you know, Tesla might actually have a shot at seriously disrupting the flailing US motorcycle industry.
What do you guys think? Is Tesla going to change the world building high-end sedans, or should Ol’ Muskystart looking into pickups and motorcycles to broaden the company’s heartland appeal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source | ImagesMotorpasionGreen Car Reports.