Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2017 Honda X-ADV Crossover Scooter Revealed - VIDEO

When is a scooter really a motorcycle? When is a motorcycle really a scooter? Does it ever matter? Those are some of the questions Honda is trying to answer with this, all-new, segment-busting two wheeler. It’s the 2017 Honda X-ADV “crossover” bike, and- if you’ll allow the subjective, editorial commentary- it looks amazing.
The initial promo video for the 2017 Honda X-ADV shows the bike’s owner, an architect named Marco, claiming “every road is my road”. It then cuts to the X-ADV doing some light off-road duty in (what looks like) a local park. It’s kind of a silly video, since no one is going to mistake the X-ADV for a knobby-tired KLX650 or anything. Still, it speaks to the kind of
wannabe ultra-cool,
hipster douche young urban professional that Honda’s marketing team thinks/hopes will line up to buy this bike in the same way people lined up to buy Honda’s last mega-hit, the diminutive Grom 125.
On the “it’s a motorcycle” side of things, the Honda X-ADV can boast serious, big-boy suspension and braking bits, along with a chain drive, a 6-speed transmission, and a big, 745 cc engine. On the “it’s a scooter” side, the bike has a leg shield, a feet-forward riding position, a big, under-seat storage area, and a transmission that is largely shiftless (although the Vespa aficionados out there might argue that shifting is a critical element of authentic scootering). Regardless of where the X-ADV eventually lands on your personal bike/scooter line, however, Honda’s engineering department has certainly seen to it that the X-ADV will be up to just about any task you or “Marco” will throw at it.
Check out the official specs- along with a pretty comprehensive collection of relevant photos- below. Then, let us know what you think of Honda’s latest crossover bike in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

2017 Honda X-ADV Crossover Scooter | Gallery

2017 Honda X-ADV Crossover Scooter | Specs

TypeLiquid-cooled, L2, SOHC
Engine Displacement (cm³)745cc
No. of Valves per Cylinder4
Bore ´ Stroke (mm)77 x 80
Compression Ratio10.7:1
Max. Power Output54 Horsepower (40.3kW) @ 6,250 rpm
Max. Torque50 ftl/lb (68Nm) @ 4,750 rpm
Oil Capacity4.1L
Fuel InjectionPGM-FI
Fuel Tank Capacity3.46 Gallons (13.1L)
Fuel Consumption65 MPG (27.5km/l)
Battery Capacity12V-11.2AH
ACG Output420W @ 5,000rpm
Clutch TypeWet multiplate Hydraulic / Wet multiplate Hydraulic Dual clutch (DCT)
Transmission Type6-speed
Final DriveChain
TypeSteel Diamond
Dimensions (LxWxH)2245x910x1375
Wheelbase1,590 mm
Caster Angle27°
Trail104 mm
Seat Height32.3 inches / 820 mm
Ground Clearance162 mm
Kerb Weight524 lbs. / 238 kg
Turning radius2.8m
Type FrontAdjustment
Type RearProlink with Rear Shock Preload adjustment
Rim Size Front17 inch
Rim Size Rear15 inch
Tires Front120/70 R17
Tires Rear160/60 R15
ABS System Type2 Channel

Source | ImagesHonda, via Honda Pro Kevin.

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