Thursday, November 10, 2016

Zero Adds Grunt For More Electric Motorcycle Pleasure

Zero is by far the largest selling electric motorcycle maker in the world. It offers a full line of models for both pavement and off road riders. At this year’s EICMA show in Milan, the company used the occasion to introduce its newly tweaked lineup. The big news is that all Zero electric motorcycle models now come with a new IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motor.  A new higher amperage motor controller permits faster acceleration times. The drive belt is now slightly wider to accommodate the extra torque of the IPM motor.

Zero electric motorcycle lineup

Zero S and DS

The basic Zero electric motorcycle is the S. Intended for pavement riding, the 2017 S comes with a 13 kWh battery and sells for $13,995. Horsepower is up from 54 to 60 and torque jumps from 68 to 81 lb-ft. It weighs 408 pounds and has a city range of 161 city miles. The dual sport DS sells for the same price, carries 5 extra pounds and has a slightly shorter range.
The big news for S and DS customers is that there is now a less expensive option that features two battery modules instead of four. The S 6.5 sells for $10,995 and weighs 313 pounds. Horsepower is 46 and torque is 78 lb-ft. Range is 81 city miles. The DS 6.5 is the same price, weighs 317 pounds and has a city range of 74 miles.
In previous years, Zero offered S and DS customers a choice of a three or four brick battery but it has decided to offer 2 and 4 brick models this year. The smaller battery pack is considerably less money and almost 100 pounds lighter. The smaller battery also leaves room for a lockable storage compartment. Zero believes the bikes with the smaller battery will be perfect as urban commuters with more than enough performance to be entertaining to ride and sufficient range for zipping to work and back.

Zero SR and DSR

There’s no half-battery option for the R series bikes. They are all about power and an exhilarating ride experience. With the new motor controller, torque jumps from 106 to 116 lb-ft. Horsepower is up from 67 to 70. Range and price are unaffected.
The 2017 Zero SR sells for S$15,995, weighs 414 lb and has a city range of 161 miles. An optional Power Tank boosts range to 202 city miles. The 2017 Zero DSR sells for US$15,995, weighs 419 lb, and go 147 city miles. An optional Power Tank boosts range to 184 city miles (296 km).

Zero FX and FXS

For dirt bike fans, the FX and FXS also feature more power this year. They are available with either a single brick 3.3 kWh battery or a two brick 6.5 kWh battery. The FX 3.3 sells for $8,495. It weighs only 247 pounds and has 27 horsepower and 78 lb-ft of torque. Range is 41 city miles. The FXS 3.3 costs the same, carries a few extra pounds and has a slightly longer range.
The FX 6.5 sells for $10,495, weighs 289 pounds, has 46 horsepower, and 78 lb-ft of torque. Range is quoted as 82 city miles. The FXS sells for the same price, weighs 293 pounds and has a range of 90 city miles. Horsepower and torque are the same. Both bikes are priced $500 less than last year’s models.
Zero has made impressive gains in both motor and controller technology but kept prices the same on most models. The top ZX models are actually less money than before. That’s the way to keep customers satisfied and build even more sales momentum.
Source: New Atlas  Photo credit: Zero Motorcycles

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