Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mercedes Considering All-electric EQ Maybach Model

2017 Mercedes Maybach Electric
Mercedes has promised to deliver a full line-up of electric cars over the next few years, and AutoEvolution is reporting that the line-up may be fuller than we thought. The new electric models from Mercedes-Benz’ upcoming “EQ” nameplate could also get influences from its divisions, namely AMG and Maybach.
It’s no secret that Mercedes-Benz had high hopes for its latest S600 Maybach super-luxury sedan. Still, it’s hard to pretend that Tesla and its hot-sellingultra-fast Model S haven’t stolen the Maybach’s thunder. An all-electric Maybach might fare better than a V12 in Silicon Valley. And, if we’re being honest, it could also do better in some of the major cities in Europe and Asia that seem intent on enforcing internal combustion bans.
With a price tag expected to be over $190,000 if and when the rumored electric Maybach is released, however, Mercedes had better be packing some serious performance if it expects to compete with Tesla. And- it should be noted- that is definitely not a sentence that I expected to be typing even a few short years ago!
What do you guys think of the news that Mercedes- like Rolls Royce– is considering a move to electric power? Let us know in the comments section. But first: check out the hit pop song that brought the Maybach brand back from the dead in the first place. Enjoy!

Royals | by Lorde

Source | ImagesAutoEvolution via MBWorld.

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