Monday, September 12, 2016

Tesla Lowering Prices On Certified Pre-owned Cars

Tesla not only sells new cars (and very good cars they are), it also sells certified pre-owned vehicles that have been fully reconditioned and ready for new owners. Among all electric cars, prices for used Teslas are the highest in the industry. Black Book says a 3 year old Model S is worth 62% of MSRP.
Tesla certified pre-owned
The least expensive new Tesla is the Model S 60 with a single electric motor, which lists for $60,000. Add dual electric motors and the price goes up $5,000. Unlocking the extra battery capacity available (the car actually has a 75 kWh  battery that is software limited to 60 kWh) will set you back another $8,500.
Right now, the Tesla Motors website has 8 Model S sedans for sale for less than $50,000. Most have low mileage and have the larger 85 kWh battery. Which raises the question, is is better to buy a used Tesla, a new Tesla, or wait for the Model 3 due out in a little over a year? The answer, of course, is “It depends.”
The least expensive listing is a 2013 Model S 60 with just over 36,000 miles. The asking price $47,000. There are also two 2013 Model S 85 sedans with  selling for under $50,000. There are dozens more selling for just over $50,000. Nearly all of them are 2013 models with a few from 2012 and 2014. The more expensive CPO cars are all 2014’s with larger battery-packs and very low miles.
Keep in mind that a base brand new Model S 60 has net cost to the buyer after the federal tax credit of $53,000. That’s just $5,000 more than the 2013 CPO car on the website. Because it has a larger battery that is software limited, it charges faster. (It takes as long to charge that last 10 – 15% of battery capacity as it does to get to an 80% state of charge.) The new car will also have a better warranty.
Many prosective Tesla buyers are weighing up the variables and trying to decide what is the best economic decision for them. Unless you are a Model 3 reservation holder, it will be at least two years before you can put one of those iu your garage. Maybe it would make sense to drive a pre-owned Model S for a few years until the Model 3 is available? Or maybe having a brand new car now is preferable to waiting two years?
Decisions, decisions. No matter how the numbers work out, you will have the satisfactioin of knowing you are driving a Tesla, one of the most desireable cars on the planet.
Source: EV Obsession

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