Saturday, September 3, 2016

Chevrolet Volt Sales Pass 2K Again In August

After being the first plug-in vehicle to pass the 100,000 sales mark in July for the US, the Chevrolet Volt now finds itself heading into the next 100k with a strong ~5,500 unit lead over its nearest rival, the Nissan LEAF.
The earlier arrival of the 2nd gen Volt (compared to the Nissan LEAF) allowed the extended range GM car to easily hit the 100k mark first
For August 2,081 Volts were sold. A 51% improvement over the 1,380 sold in August of 2015.
Year to date, sales are up 72% (14,295 vs 8,315).
August is the second month in a row over the 2,000 mark (July – 2,406), and the 6th consecutive month north of the 1,800 level.
We should note that these sales improvements are largely due to the fact that new (and much improved) 2nd generation Volt is competing against its former/1st generation self…and that true year-over-year comps on the same model won’t get underway until October (when some 2,035 were sold).
That said, by the time October comes around, we suspect that most focus will be on the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV – which starts production at GM’s Orion, Michigan in that same month, with first deliveries happening by year’s end.
The race to 100k(through July) - now who will take down 200K first?
The race to 100k(through July) – now who will take down 200K first?
Other GM plug-in news of interest from August:
Not One Volt Battery Pack Has Ever Been Replaced Due To Battery Degradation. Ever.
Not One Volt Battery Pack Has Ever Been Replaced Due To Battery Degradation. Ever.
*- with new inventory essentially gone, just 6 Cadillac ELRswere sold, we bid you adieu
*- Spark EV sales were down about 10% from last month, at292 units
*- GM reports that of the first 100,000 Volts sold, not one battery was replaced for capacity degradation
*- the Opel Ampera-e (unfortunate name of the Chevy Bolt EV in Europe) will makes it debut in Paris on October the first, and also has its first drag race today (watch/details)
*- Ari Collins Volt is the 2nd to hit 100,000 all-electric miles – of note: over the same time, only 139 miles was driven on gas (details)
*- Chevy Volt owners got the chance to take a ride in the new Bolt EV this month in Michigan (watch)
*- LG started major part production of Bolt EV components this month in South Korea, will shortly begin shipping to US for assembly by GM

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