Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hyundai Ioniq Gets Aggressive Pricing Structure

We have been hearing lots of good things about the Hyundai Ioniq since last year. It is the first car in the world to offer three different powertrains in the one highly efficient chassis. Buyers will have a choice of a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, and a battery electric. For the first time, shoppers will be able to directly compare what they are getting for their money and chose the powertrain that best fits their needs.
Hyundai Ioniq electric car
The hybrid and electric models are on their way to dealers as we speak. The plug-in hybrid version will be along in late summer. Hyundai has just announced its final pricing for the hybrid and electric models and it is good news for EV fans. Here they are, as provided by Electric Cars Report.
Electric88kW Electric MotorSingle-speed Reduction GearFWD$29,500
Limited88kW Electric MotorSingle-speed Reduction GearFWD$32,500
Freight Charges for the 2017MY Ioniq Electric are $835.
Blue1.6L GDI 4-Cylinder6-Speed EcoShift Dual ClutchTransmission w/ SHIFTRONIC®FWD$22,200
SEL1.6L GDI 4-Cylinder6-Speed EcoShift Dual ClutchTransmission w/ SHIFTRONIC®FWD$23,950
Limited1.6L GDI 4-Cylinder6-Speed EcoShift Dual ClutchTransmission w/ SHIFTRONIC®FWD$27,500
Freight Charges for the 2017MY Ioniq Hybrid are $835.
But wait. There’s more. These prices are before any federal, state, or local incentives. Yes, the Ioniq Electric has only 110 miles of range, but a fully loaded version costs nearly $10.000 less than a loaded Chevy Bolt. You gotta love that, right? As to precisely how much incentives will lower those prices, that is information best obtained from your local dealer. It appears the Ioniq electric qualifies for the full federal tax credit of $7500 but we are not tax experts, now have we ever played one TV.
“Ioniq will attract an entirely new group of eco- and efficiency-oriented buyers in the U.S. market,” said Mike O’Brien, vice president of Corporate and Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America. “With outstanding powertrain flexibility, design, connectivity, and advanced technologies, Ioniq meets the needs of a large and growing group of buyers needing a highly efficient, enjoyable to drive and low-emissions vehicle without compromise to their daily lifestyles.”
Corporate-speak is all well and good, but the proof of the pudding is in the driving. Here is a video made by Bjorn Nyland, Norway’s foremost Tesla fanatic when he test drove an Ioniq Electric recently and deemed it almost as good as his Tesla. Now that is high praise indeed. Almost as good as a Tesla for less than half the cost? Where do we sign up?
For those who are waiting for a crossover/SUV version of the Ioniq, the Kia Niro is a clone of the Ioniq mechanically. Its prices will likely be in line with those of the Ioniq. The Niro Hybrid and Niro Electric are also on the way to dealers with the plug-in version scheduled to arrive in late summer.

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