Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sick of Waiting: Elio Motors Trike “Owners” Start Filing Lawsuits

Elio Motors Being Sued for Refund
With bad financial news coming out of Elio Motors’ official SEC filings and even more announced delays in production of the Elio three-wheeler, many reservation-holders are getting sick of waiting. They’re so sick of waiting, in fact, that at least one Elio “owner” has decided to take the company to court in a bid to get his money back.
Reddit user jimmybob479 announced on the popular message board that he had filed a lawsuit against Elio Motors in his home state. His original post read, “I looked up their registered agent in my state, filed a small claims lawsuite with my local justice of the peace and paid to have a constable serve the papers to their registered agent. Anyone else done this yet?”
That last question opened up the floor to other commenters, who said things like, “They (Elio Motors) deserve all the hellfire that will soon be directed against them. They still don’t appear to have an actual prototype on the roads now seven years after the debut of P2 in February 2010, which is when they began making these fantastic claims,” and “They might not even have enough money in the bank to pay you back your deposit.”
As of this writing, there was no word posted to the /eliomotors subreddit regarding the results of the lawsuit (which, in all likelihood, won’t get its day in court for some time), but I’ll keep checking in on it to
if when other Elio “owners” get the message and start to clamor for their money back, as well. Good luck with that, Jimmy!


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