Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Toyota Prius Prime Priced From $27,950 In U.S., 25 Miles Of Electric Range

Toyota Prius Prime
Toyota Prius Prime
Toyota Prius Prime Debuted This Past March (InsideEVs/Tom M)
Toyota Prius Prime Debuted This Past March (InsideEVs/Tom M)
Price is almost always the number one determining factor in sales for plug-in vehicles and it appears as though Toyota actually hopes to move the new Prius Prime off lots in decent numbers.
Awhile back, Toyota execs went public with lofty sales targets for the new Prius Prime and now with U.S. pricing announced, it seems volume sales are indeed a goal with the new plug-in Prius.
Here’s the pricing breakdown for the Prius Prime in the U.S. (all prices include an $850 delivery fee:
  • Plus $27,950
  • Premium $29,650
  • Advanced $33,950
Those figures do not include the federal tax credit, which is up to $4,500 for all three versions of the Prius Prime. With this included, the lowest-priced Prime could be had for only $23,450. As Autoblog notes, the new Prius is some $3,000 less than the last-generation model.
But what’s even more interesting in regards to price is that the plug-in Prius actually slots in quite well with the entire 2017 Prius lineup (see below). It seems almost as though Toyota is encouraging buyers to get the plug-in version of the car:
2017 Toyota Prius Pricing For Conventional Hybrid Versions
2017 Toyota Prius Pricing For Conventional Hybrid Versions
Beyond pricing, Toyota has announced official EPA estimates for the plug-in Prius. On the MPG side, we see these figures:
  • 55 MPG City
  • 53 MPG Highway
  • 54 MPG Combined
The MPGe rating was released too:
  • 124 MPGe
In the all-important electric-range category, Toyota has over delivered. Originally, the automaker had stated the Prius Prime would have an all-electric range of 22 miles. However, the official EPA electric range estimate is now 25 miles.
Also of interest:  Check out a full library of just released, US test drive video reviews of the Prius Prime here.
In our eyes, the new Prius Prime is an immediate winner, and has no direct competition at its base price-point when it arrives at year’s end.  It boasts substantially more range than the outgoing model, and is priced to sell in volume.

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