Thursday, February 18, 2016

Radio Flyer presents its electric Tesla For Kids starting at $499

Radio Flyer is introducing an electric Tesla For Kids. Did you have a Radio Flyer wagon when you were a kid? I did. It was made of metal and I hauled everything in it from rocks and dirt to my Golden Retriever, Max. Radio Flyer has evolved, as every company must. These days, you see fat tired plastic Radio Flyers everywhere hauling sand toys to the nation’s beaches.
Now, Radio Flyer has hooked up with Tesla Motors to create an electric Tesla For Kids. For a company that brags about not spending money on traditional advertising — it even refuses product placement offers — Tesla does not shy away from free publicity. Its Model X SUV will star this week at the Neimann Marcus New York Fashion Week this year, according to Electrek.

A generation ago, Jeep flooded the market with Jeep branded electric toys so that young people would grow up aspiring to own some four wheel drive, off road goodness. Now future Tesla Model S owners can experience their own lithium powered electric destiny aboard their very own Radio Flyer Tesla For Kids. Radio Flyer is duplicating the Tesla experience right down to ordering the product. It’s doneonline, just like the real thing. Radio Flyer is accepting reservations for May delivery, just like Tesla does.
The electric Tesla For Kids comes in real Model S colors. It has working headlights, a front trunk, or “frunk,” and a place to plug in a portable music player. It is suitable for kids from 3 to 8 according to the Radio Flyer website, as long as they don’t weigh more than 81 pounds. Parents can limit the speed of the vehicle to 3 mph or let their progeny rip around the neighborhood at a top speed of 6 mph.
The Tesla For Kids starts at a wallet friendly $499, but just like the real thing, there are lots of options that can boost the price to over $800.

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