Friday, September 20, 2013

‘59 Chevy Bus Both A Camper And Guest House


The 1950s saw an age of matchless American car design, and what once seemed like rather pedestrian vehicles have become timeless classics beloved by many. Maine-based architect Will Winkelman is the brains behind the restoration of this 1959 Chevy Viking shortbus, converting the former people mover into a cabin-like camper and guest house.
Found in a Maine field, the Viking needed a top-down restoration which included a complete gutting of the entire interior. Gone were the hard seats and utilitarian styling, replaced by the soft woods crafted by a local boat builder, fitting dining, bedding, and plumbing into the very small space offered by the old Chevy.
The inside, while cozy, can comfortably sleep two, and it fits with the time period of the vehicle as well. Vintage reading lights and lamp decorate the living area, and even the mattress spread feels appropriate to the era. The vie was a mix of hippie and Moroccan, creating a very relaxed, chill vibe far removed fromthe modernism of other bus-turned-RV projects.
This 50s camper can be driven too, offering an incredible taste of the vintage lifestyle even a hundred miles from home. Instead of rotting to death in a field, this vintage Chevy bus has found a second life as a home fit for the king (or queen) of the road.


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